Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Taking a breather...

After a very busy weekend I can honestly say it is so wonderful to sit in a comfy chair and watch game 3 of the playoffs. It might not get over until late but I don't mind. This weekend the Dean of Students came to visit the Rome campus and she came with us to Orvieto on Sunday. Orvieto was gorgeous and it was such a nice day out! Definitely another one of my favorite places we have visited. She brought with her candy and peanut butter which was the best gift imaginable. Also this weekend we went to HomeBaked which is an American breakfast place nearby and it was delicious! We will definitely be spending more time there. After our trip to Orvieto we came back and went out for a really nice dinner. During the second part if the first course (more pasta) they gave us bibs to wear! I'm still not sure if it was a joke or if everyone at the restaurant gets bibs if they get a certain type of pasta. Once we got back we all had to get to work on our homework and we were all up very late. This Thursday we leave for Napoli and we will be visiting Capri while we are there. I am so excited to go! Prof. Balena cannot stop talking about how amazing Naples is and I'm sure it will love up to expectations. For now I wanted to be able to share some photos from Orvieto and bring you up to date on my busy busy life. Sidenote: 16 days till my mom and dad come to visit!!
Being able to watch the red sox was a highlight of my day
Bibs at the restaurant!
Duomo Di Orvieto
I want to live here!
Panoramic of Orvieto countryside


  1. Your pictures of Orvieto are magnificent. I love the patchwork countryside and gorgeous church. That castle was not too shabby either. Cannot wait to see your pics of Napoli and Capri. Cait loved both. My daily happy thought is you and your mom reuniting in Italy. Of all the sites in Italy, the only one she wants to see has red hair and a gorgeous smile. Love you aunt Lisa

  2. I'm thinking the bib was due to your white shirt. Beautiful pictures of Orvieto. I'm so happy you got to watch Game 3 of the Sox tonight, and they won 1 - 0. I am counting down the days until we are in Italy with you. Enjoy Napoli and Capri. I love you. Love, Mom