Tuesday, September 24, 2013


As of today I have been 21 for 10 days, and I have also been in Rome for 10 days! I consider this experience an excellent way to begin a new year of life and start fresh in a completely new place. Since I've been here I have already learned so much and have met so many new people. I currently am a junior at Assumption College in Worcester but am now studying in Rome at the Assumption College Rome campus. There are 8 students here, myself included, and two professors that live with us. We attend 5 classes: Italian (which takes place at italiaidea), Renaissance Art, Ethics, Catholicism Today and Boccacio's Decameron. The most exciting thing about the classes that we take is that they are rarely ever lectures. Most of the time we are told where to meet the professor and from there we will have class. For example, my second renaissance art class took place at the Colloseo. I have also had class at S. Clemente's Basilica and in the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome. As interesting as these classes are, the most interesting part of this experience so far has been the little lessons that I have learned while getting lost in Rome, or just from sitting down to lunch or dinner every day. That is what I plan to talk about the most, obviously I will mention my classes because even though they are educational, I can't believe how much I am enjoying them! To start, I will recap the 10 days that I have been here so far and from there I will continue to tell stories about my journey in Rome. By doing so I hope to enlighten you on the many lessons I have learned and have yet to encounter. Enjoy!

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