Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vatican City

I had only been in rome for maybe 48 hours and I was already going to visit Vatican City. On Sundays at noon in the city there is the Angelus. The Pope speaks about current events and blesses the crowd. None of us knew where we were going that day and it was a fantastic surprise! We weren't leaving early but I forgot to set an alarm to wake me up in the morning. We were leaving at 11 and I just assumed I would wake up before then, which I did, but then fell back asleep. Quickly showered and got dressed and was ready downstairs to go. HOWEVER, I did not have anything to eat or drink before we left. It was a rainy day so I remembered my rain coat but it was also hot. Between the heat and having had nothing to eat I almost passed out in vatican city. What a great start to my week. During the middle of the Angelus I began to not feel well and knew I had to sit down. Once I started walking away to find a spot to sit I started to go blurry and couldn't see anything except for white bright blobs of color. Definitely the scariest thing that has happened to me since being here. Fortunately, I was able to have a granola bar and some water and started feeling better. It was until after the fact that I realized what had happened to me. I began to think deeply about everything in my life and how it has affected me, and how I have affected others. I'm not saying it was a message from God, but it was definitely a nudge to force me into reality and see things clearer. Later that night at church, Father John spoke to us about why we are in Rome. He talked about fate and destiny and how everything in life isn't necessarily planned but there is always a reason for why things happen. He told all of us that there is a reason why we are all here in Rome and began mass with an extremely common and simple saying "All roads lead to Rome...". Because I feel like that phrase needs no explanation I will continue on to the first Pizza and Beer night in Rome!
After mass we all went out to get pizza and beer at one of the restaurants nearby. Now, in the US, having pizza and beer consists of picking up a 6 pack and a large pizza to go. Here, pizza and beer is an elegant and classic meal. You eat the pizza with a knife and fork and you get an entire pizza to yourself.  As a group we shared a couple beers and at the end we went out to get gelato. This was the second night in a row that we got gelato and I was NOT complaining. I have made it a goal of mine to try a new flavor every time I go get gelato. So far I have tried five different flavors and I have only disliked one. Even still, it was good. Once again, a very long day in Rome but can't complain. Every day here is a gift and I intend to treat it that way.
vatican city in the rain

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